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Author Topic: Bretonnian Castle (In Progress)  (Read 514 times)

Round Table of Bretonnia

Bretonnian Castle (In Progress)
« on: Jun 27, 2013, 08:15:29 PM »
Bretonnian Castle (In Progress)
28 May 2013, 6:48 pm

The Idea to put the castle on here was first and foremost, I admit to show it off.  But in hindsight I thought to myself  Who better to show it to then you? To ask...What I should add? What colours should I use? and what should a true Bretonnian Castle look like? So please feel free to comment, and post your criticism, (be polite)...and now without any further ado. My Lords...Ladies of Bretonnia. The Castle (Yet to be named) The Castle has been, and still is a work of pure evolution. You’ll see photos all along the way through the design, and see how it’s changed and progressed with time. The way I work, as with most sculptures, is with an idea, which constantly changes and grows as I work on it. I get a kick out of designing something which no other Warhammer player has yet dreamed or dared of making. Movies, and past castles that I’ve visited, with a very large amount of imagination, have all lent their hands in this project. The idea: To build a distinctive Bretonnian Castle, one I can use in a game(where appropriate) or just as a mere display piece, so show off to every Bretonnian player out there. I think a Castle is as much as personal and important as your army you represent. And I would encourage any DIY enthusiast to pick up that craft knife and get hacking! I am looking for a name for this castle, Bear in mind its ancient High Elven heritage. Possible names I’ve considered are Castle Carcassonne, Lou Touradou, Sibourne,and Castle Desfleuve. Any other ideas please let me know, and enjoy the article!

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Re: Bretonnian Castle (In Progress)
« Reply #1 on: Jun 27, 2013, 11:22:18 PM »
That is bloody awesome! 

I like the alliteration with "Castle Carcasonne" however being more French orientated would it not be "Chateau", and using my limited European language skills it is generally Something of Somewhere so maybe "Chateau de Carcasonne"

As for colours, it depends on the Lord of the Lands!  Fairytale castles are normally a good start - they always seem to be white/light grey with blue up top, these for example:

Looking forward to seeing more of this!

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