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Author Topic: Lustria Campaign - The Myaghan takes down a Lizard Army  (Read 695 times)


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Lustria Campaign - The Myaghan takes down a Lizard Army
« on: May 24, 2009, 03:41:39 PM »
Yesterday, the Myaghan of the Bloodskull Heights met the Army of the True Moon (Lizardmen) in combat as part of our Lustria Campaign.  The True Moon had a 200-point advantage on me due to the territories currently in their empire.  Sturdy Ogres, a proper walloping, and forgetting a critical rule led to a Massacre result for the victorious Ogres when the Lizards conceded at the bottom of turn 3.

A quick summary of the forces involved:

Army of the True Moon:
12 Skink Skirmishers
2 Salamander Hunting Packs (moving as a single unit)
16 Skinks, 2 Kroxigors, & 1 Skink Priest (Brave, Standard, Musician)
2 Units of 15 Saurus Warriors (Full Command)
Skink Priest on Ancient Stegadon (Engine of the Gods)
Slann Mage-Priest w/15 Temple Guard

The Myaghan (v3.0):
Tyrant w/Tenderizer, Wyrdstone Necklace, Greedy Fist & 3 Ironguts w/ War Banner
Butcher w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls, & 3 Maneaters w/1 Great Weapon, 1 Cathayan Longsword
3 Bulls w/ LA, Ironfists, Crusher
4 Bulls, w/ LA, Ironfists, Full Command
4 Bulls w/ LA, Ironfists, Full Command
4 Leadbelchers w/ Thunderfist


The lizard battle line looked like this:

Skink Skirmishers - Salamanders – Skinks/Kroxigors – Saurus 1 – Skink Priest/Stegadon - Slann/Temple Guard – Saurus 2

My own battle line:

3 Bulls – Leadbelchers – Butcher & ME – Giant – Tyrant &IG – 4 Bulls (1 unit of 4 bulls ended up behind the Tyrant at an angle, looking to fill a gap should one become evident)

Ogres win the die roll and go first.

Turn 1:

Ogres – Almost all of my ogres roll 12 inches forward.  My Maneaters only go 10 because they’re opposite the Skink/Kroxi unit, which also can go 12.  My Leadbelchers, much to my chagrin, end up on a hill that we declare difficult terrain and will spend the next several turns gingerly picking their way down.  My magic phase set the pattern for that phase of the game as the Lizards dispel all of my magic (11CD/7DD vs. my 4CD/3DD!).

Lizards – The Lizards make a general advance towards my battle line but do not charge.  The magic phase fills me with dread as she casts five spells:
1) Fiery Blast – dispelled with all my dispel dice
2) Portent of Far on Saurus 1
3) The 2nd Portent of Far for the Skinks/Kroxi goes awry with a miscast, wounding the priest, a Kroxigor, and killing two skinks.
4) Conflagration of Doom failed to cast
5) Fireball on 1 die failed to cast

We learned that Salamanders are of limited effectiveness against Ogres:  unless the front end of the template gets them, everything is a partial hit.  2 successful partials failed to wound and the 2nd Sallie misfire and ate a skink.

Turn 2:

Ogres - It’s a charge-a-thon with four charges declared:  My 3 bulls plow into the skirmishers, taking two wounds from a poisoned S&S.  My Butcher & ME charge the Skinks & Kroxigors, taking one wound from javelins.  My Giant goes for Saurus 1 and my Tyrant and IG go for Saurus 2.  My two units of 4 bulls are still out of position – one is behind everyone, the other has difficult ground between them and the fighting.

 My magic phase starts as the last one did, with a Bullgorger dispelled.  But I cast Toothcracker on the Butcher & ME and the Lizard throws Double 1’s on the dispel!  A spell!  A spell for me!  Happy Ogre Dance time!

My Leadbelchers are off the hill and aim for the Salamanders.  They prove to be 14” away and the ‘Belchers have come as close as they will to accomplishing anything this battle.

Close Combat time.  My 3 bulls wipe the skirmishers from the battlefield, killing 3 with impact hits and the other 9 in combat.  The overrun puts those bulls behind the Lizardmen battle line.  My Butcher challenges and kills the Skink brave and the Maneaters put a hurting on both the skinks and kroxis.  The Kroxigors manage to wound the ME twice, killing the one that had been wounded due to the S&S.  I win the combat but the lizards refuse to break.  My Giant decides to do some flailing, scoring 4 wounds.  The Saurus strike back to no effect.  This means, naturally, that I lose:  2 ranks, outnumber, standard, then the musician puts the lizards over.  My Giant refuses to fall down or break.  My Tyrant challenges the Scar Vet and squishes him.  The Ironguts pound the warriors and the duly break and run.  They go 10” and I only get 7” on the chase.  My pursuit misses the Temple Guard by a hair and I end up right beside them.

Lizards – Bloodied but not out, the Lizards strike back.  The Stegadon rumbles into the 4 Bulls behind everyone else, with the Bulls barely passing their fear test.  The Saurus rally and prepare to take another charge.  The Temple Guard reforms to face my Tyrant and IG. 

The Magic phase stings but not a lot, though at great cost.  The Engine of the Gods switches to Burning Alignment and puts two wounds on the bulls.  It also hit the Giant FIVE TIMES but failed to wound.  I spent a lot of this phase panting.  Slann throws a Burning Head that would’ve run across the Tyrant/IG unit and my far flung group of four, so I burn a scroll.  Skink Priest follows that up with an Uranon’s Thunderbolt and I burn Scroll number two.  Lizard player now begins to curse vehemently but I’m terrified of T3 Magic phase.

Close combat continues to go poorly for the scaly ones.  The Butcher threw down another challenge but the priest, having seen what happened to the brave, darts to the back.  The Maneaters deliver a righteous beating (I think it was 7 kills) and the Skinks & Kroxigors head for the hills.  The Maneaters are faster this time and the unit is wiped out.  The Salamanders see this carnage and panic overtakes them, sending them fleeing directly in front of the three bulls that had broken into the back of the line.  Determined to redeem his brethren, the Engine of the Gods kills 2 Ogres outright and takes no wounds in response.  The bulls break and are run down by the dinosaur.  Saurus unit 1 inflicts two wounds to the Giant, who does three in response.  Giant again refuses to fall down or flee, despite being down to a 7 on the test.

Turn 3:

Ogres – The 3 Bulls charge the fleeing Salamanders and send them scurrying off the end of the table.  The Maneaters turn around to face the rear rank of Saurus 1, Tyrant and IG charge the Saurus a second time, though too closely for impact hits. 

Magic is a repeat of turn 1.  Neither the Braingobbler nor the Bonecruncher get a chance to affect the Temple Guard.

The Saurus do another three wounds to the Giant, leaving him with 1.  Giant flails for the third time, doing 2 wounds.  Giant again neither falls nor breaks.  The Tyrant joins with the Ironguts to kill 5 Saurus, leaving no one to strike back.  The Saurus unit flees off of the table.  At this point we both forgot that Temple Guard were Immune to Psychology and they take a panic test: 5,5,6.  They dash for the edge of the table and out of position for what would have been a sweet flank charge on the Ironguts.

At this point, the Lizardmen player conceded.

I can’t overemphasize the amount of luck that got me through this battle.  I had resolved before the battle to try and take any magical attack that was going to a d6 or less in hits in order to conserve my limited dispel powers.  In two turns, the Lizards threw 8 spells.  I dispelled 4, 3 failed, and 1 came off.  If the game had gone another two turns, I would’ve been in significant pain.  In addition, the Lizardmen’s dice crapped out at key moments:  rolling a 2 on a flee roll, the 5,5,6 on the incorrect panic test. 

That being said, the Ogres of mine that got to combat performed beautifully, killing 5-7 models a round regardless of whether they were Skinks or Saurus.  I think I’m going to use the Leadbelchers with the rest of the army forthwith:  let them rumble forward and use their cannons for a S&S against a fast-moving unit (Cavalry, Daemonettes, etc.)

My 2K army now goes to 2100 with the claim of a Lizardmen town and I score the first victory of our campaign!  Grrrahhhh! 

8th Ed Record - 5/1/0

Most Recent Result - 2500 vs. Skaven - Loss!

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Re: Lustria Campaign - The Myaghan takes down a Lizard Army
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2009, 07:45:05 AM »
Very nice report  :D Hope to hear more reports from the rest of the campaign!
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